Course Fee

    • Application fee , Rs. 1000

Master of Business Accounting/Finance ( 1 Year)

    • Total course fee of the programme per local candidate is Rs. 297,000 + Rs.5000 (Refundable library deposit)
    • Arrangements could be made to pay the fees in three installments.
      • 1st installment: Rs 140,000+ Rs.5000 (Refundable library deposit) payable upon selection.
      • 2nd Installment: Rs. 95,000
      • 3rd Installment: Rs.62,000

Master of Business in Accounting/Finance ( 2 Years)

    • Course fee for the second year (optional) : Rs. 150,000 (should be paid in a single installment)

Course fee for International Students

  • Master of Business (Accounting/ Finance) (One year): 4000 USD*
  • Master of Business in Accounting/Finance (Two years): XXXX USD*

* Can vary with the exchange rate fluctuations.