Do I need a bachelor’s degree to apply to your program?

No. But you must have any other qualification acceptable to the university senate.

How is this program different from other similar programs?

This program is one of the nation’s few online master’s degrees in Accounting/Finance. In terms of reputation and quality of online education it is arguably the best. Students receive the same quality curriculum taught by qualified faculty as those who attend classes.

When can I apply?

We accept applications for our online program throughout the year. Please visit MBus website for more information.

How do I access lectures?

You can attend live lectures (Virtual classroom) through the eLearning portal of MBus. If you missed the live lecture, recorded lectures are available for your access throughout the semester

How do online students interact with instructors?

At the virtual classroom

Online discussion forums
In person if local

What are the fees for this program?

For the most current fees, always check here.

Are there any grants/scholarships available?

No grants or scholarships are available, but students are eligible to pay their tuition fee in installments without any additional payment.

Is the degree earned through the online program identical to the degree earned in the classroom-based program?

Yes. You earn a Master of Busines(Accounting/Finance), which is the exact same degree that classroom-based Masters students earn. There is no indication on the transcript that these classes were taken online.

How many courses/credits are required to earn the degree?

You must complete 12 approved numerically graded courses for the Master of Business (Accounting/Finance) degree and 14 approved numerically graded courses for the Master of Accounting / Finance degree.

A minimum of 44 credits is required for ALL Master of Business (Accounting/Finance) students and a minimum of 64 credits is required for ALL Master of Accounting / Finance students.

How long does the student have to complete the program?

Master of Business (Accounting/Finance) students complete the program in a year and Master of Accounting / Finance students complete the program in 2 years, but students have up to 4 years total to complete the degree.